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Treating an avulsed tooth in Montvale

Emergency dentist in Montvale
Emergency dentist in Montvale

Treating an avulsed tooth is best done with the attention of a specialist, which is exactly what you will get here at Northern Jersey Endodontics. In most cases, a tooth that has been set free from its socket due to dental trauma will need to have root canal therapy in order to save it. And that is our goal: to allow you to retain your natural tooth instead of having to lose it and then replace it with a prosthetic one.

An avulsed tooth is usually the result of an injury or accident. Unlike one that is dislodged, which means that the tooth is still physically attached to the socket, you are dealing with a more urgent matter that our emergency dentist in Montvale is prepared to take care of. First off, you will need to keep the tooth moist now that is no longer in your mouth. This can be done by placing it in warm water with a pinch of salt or in a container of milk. It’s best to call us (or have someone else do it) to let us know that you are on the way. Our emergency dentist in Montvale would prefer to be fully ready for you. At our office, we have the equipment that is necessary to provide excellent treatment. The tooth will need to be held in with orthodontic wire or a plastic splint while it heals. Root canal is not always done immediately. A waiting period may be required to allow the trauma to subside.

Be sure to turn to our emergency dentist in Montvale. Unless you have other more alarming injuries, you should not go to a hospital for your avulsed tooth. Most ER’s lack the facilities and usually do not have a dentist on staff. Keep our number programmed in your phone and use it immediately when you need us.

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