Montvale cracked tooth

Montvale Cracked Tooth

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Treating a cracked tooth in Montvale

Not all cracked teeth are the same, and the damage is best assessed by a specialist. That’s us. At Northern Jersey Endodontics, you will get accurate diagnosis and expert treatment. There are two goals, the first and most important being to save your tooth, and the second to prevent an infection if at all possible.

In some cases, your Montvale cracked tooth will be obvious. You may bite down on something hard and feel it. But other times, you’ll notice symptoms without necessarily knowing what or where the problem is originating from. Are you experiencing sensitivity to foods and drinks that are hot or cold? Maybe there is mouth pain that you cannot pinpoint. When you come in, our endodontist will examine you and take x-rays, regardless of whether you know where the crack is or not. The action taken depends on the severity of the damage. A Montvale cracked tooth that is still structurally sound will be supplemented effectively by a dental crown, which then acts as further support, while enclosing the tooth securely so that it is adequately protected from outside elements, particularly bacteria. Damage or infection of the pulp requires the intervention of root canal therapy. This treatment, which has a 90% success rate, involves the removal of the infected tissue and the adjacent nerve before placing a crown on the cracked tooth. It’s also possible that the tooth is too damaged to save, or that the infection has advanced to the point where root canal cannot be effective. The only remaining option then is a tooth extraction.

One thing is for certain, and that is the fact that your Montvale cracked tooth needs immediate attention. Fortunately, you know you can turn to us for it. Please reach out to our office so that we can schedule you for the quickest possible appointment.

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