Root Canal in Rockland County

Root Canal in Rockland County

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To treat something like a root canal, it is best to see an endodontist or a root canal specialist that can provide you with the precise kind of care you need. If you need treatment for a root canal in Rockland County, then we here at Rockland Endodontics have everything you need to recover.

Root canal infections often share symptoms with cavities, though they tend to be a bit more painful and difficult to ignore. While root canal infections and cavities cause oral pain, tooth aches, and discomfort while eating or drinking, root canal infections tend to create more lasting or persistent sensations of pain, especially since the nerve ending located in the affected tooth is inflamed. This is also why you will want to have a root canal addressed by a root canal specialist as soon as possible. Doing so will help to alleviate your pain while also giving you a better chance of salvaging your tooth. The procedure generally involves removing the decayed tissue as well as the infected part of the tooth and nerve ending. Root canal therapy is not always successful, which is why seeking out the help of an endodontist is recommended. There are, however, additional procedures that can be implemented if root canal therapy is not initially successful, such as apicoectomies or root end resections. Here at Rockland Endodontics can provide a variety of different treatments that can help if you have an infected root canal in Rockland County. Our endodontist is here to assess your unique situation and provide you with the necessary treatment and care.

If you need treatment for a root canal in Rockland County, it is essential that you get the dental care you need to soon as possible. That way you stand a better chance of salvaging your tooth and keeping your smile intact. If you would like to learn more about the treatments that we offer and what our root canal specialist can do for you, please call us here at Rockland Endodontics today.

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